Push Up

REDEFINE your mindset | REDEFINE how you exercise | REDEFINE your body



Has your body and health situation changed from how it was? Perhaps you are now living with a chronic health condition, a musculoskeletal condition which causes pain and movement restriction, recovering from injury or illness, have muscular imbalance due to work or sport or are adjusting to the changes in your body from pregnancy.

Did you use to exercise a lot but feel now frustrated that you can’t do what you used to be able to? Or perhaps you’ve never followed an exercise programme before? Whatever your exercise history is and whatever your current condition you can still exercise in a beneficial and safe way with tailored programmes adapted for your personal requirements.

It may not be the same type of workout that you used to be able to do and it may not be what others are doing. I believe that comparisons only lead to frustration so we focus on what we can do with our bodies NOW! It’s about REDEFINING how we see exercise working for us, REDEFINING our mindset, REDEFINING our bodies. Some days that might mean muscle toning or resistance exercises, others it might mean gentle stretching – either way it’s always beneficial to you. I can help you redefine how you view exercise for yourself.

My mottos is :

when it comes to exercise there is always SOMETHING you can do



Corinda has been my personal trainer several years now. As I am a client with health problems (POTS) Corinda continues to support and understand this and adapts and customises my exercise programs accordingly but which does not compromise on results. I have lost just over 2 stone feel the fittest and strongest I have ever been. She has really helped me to focus on achievable results and has really concentrated on strengthening my core muscles as that is the key to my constant rehabilitation. If you are looking for a fun, caring, patient, supportive and knowledgeable personal trainer I could not recommend Corinda highly enough.


Jessica Price